Welcome to another fun story! This week we feature a rather sweet but sad story where it looks like JYJ’s Jaejoong says his last goodbye’s to his fans before his enlistment!

The popular singer and actor recently held a fanmeeting entitled ‘Everything about Jaejoong’ in Korea on Sunday 15th March to talk with fans of his upcoming enlistment at the end of this month as well as to bid a formal farewell to all of his loyal fans.

Many fans from abroad flew in to meet the singer for his final fanmeet. C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s label stated that apparently “Two thousand fans from Japan have visited Korea to meet Kim Jaejoong, as a result, the number of Japanese tourists recently visiting Korea has hiked to its highest. During the event, Kim Jaejoong talked about his time as an actor in recent pieces, including ‘SPY’ and more.”

The schedule for the fanmeet was released by the singer’s Japanese fanbase who posted the event’s details for fans travelling abroad to meet the star. Check it out below!

Last Greeting to fans before Kim Jaejoong enlists
「All of Jaejoong」

<Tour Schedule>
March 14(Sat) ~ 16(Mon)、2015 3 days & 2 nights
_ ※ Fanmeeting: March 15(Sun)

<Tour Privileges>
①Invite to「All of Jaejoong」Fanmeeting
②Taking of group photo
③present 4 kinds of souvenirs
④present 3 kinds of JYJ- or Kim Jae Joong-related goods
⑤Meal provided 1 time
⑥Exchange service (currency bills)
⑦Special invitation! (Choose one among the following)
_ 1. Aesthetic (60-minute course with skin-scrubber[ttaemiri])
_ 2. SPY filming location tour


The singer also enlightened fans with beautiful performances of his OST tracks. ‘I’ll Protect You’ and ‘One Kiss’ were just some of the many sung as well as a surprise videoed message fellow members Junsu  and Yoochun recorded for the fanmeeting.

At the end of the event Jaejoong relayed one final message to the fans, touched by their love saying ‘Thanks for all your hard work for the last 10 years. Without doubt, you guys are my greatest achievements. Thank you.’

This isn’t the ultimate end of Jaejoong’s activities in Korea however since the artist plans to hold two final concerts for fans in Korea entitled ‘The Beginning of The End’ on the 28th and 29th of March at Korea University‘s gymnasium. We hope the concerts prove a success as well as Jaejoong’s enlistment!


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