Welcome back to another fun story! This week we present you with a story which will most likely have you in tears. But don’t worry, here on Fun Story OTW we guarantee you only the good kind of tears. The ones that bring only laughter and utter hysterics to our readers, of course.

It seems like this week the internet has been having its share of laughs when a recent fancam of a Korean fanboy at a TVXQ concert came to light and went viral.

Only, this isn’t just any ordinary fancam.

This Cassiopeia fanboy began filming the concert with the intent as any other fan has, to share it and post it for others to see what they missed out on at the concert. However this fancam ended up being watched solely for the fanboy himself for his hysterical screaming and the greatest level of fanboying you could only wish you could reach. And quite honestly, it is truly amazing.

The video reached multiple views and comments after being posted on the popular Korean social networking site Naver, with viewers in fits of laughter at the fan’s adorable show of love towards the two TVXQ boys.

So check out the video in the link here, if you dare


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