“Hello, we are Boys Republic, playing every kind of music!”

5 member idol group Boys Republic’s spirited greeting to United Kpop readers opens for a great conversation. The young idol group made their debut in 2013, celebrating their 2nd year anniversary with a new comeback this June and a European tour in July.

Their latest comeback song, titled “Hello” is a mature and sophisticated track, focusing on an acoustic guitar rhythm and is visually dance heavy. The song brings out a new, mature side of the boys, who are growing up and becoming more active as artists as well as idols.

“Describing ourselves in one word is “Teamwork”. We have had a lot of challenges along the way, being trainees for a long time and working as singers, but we feel so happy to be loved, and we are honoured to be coming to Europe for our tour.”

The young group has been active since their debut, releasing several comebacks each year and also participating in various charity activities and promoting themselves across asia, with showcases in Japan and Malaysia. This is their first attempt at a tour outside Asia and the ambitious tour starts off in Paris on July 3rd, moving to London on the 4th and continues through Europe before ending in Wien on the 12th.

“We really appreciate all our fans who support us from overseas, and we are looking forward to seeing European scenery and trying the food!”

Boys Republic is clearly excited for the opportunity to travel Europe and are accompanied by popular pianist Choi Soo Min, who has previously been to Europe along with Park Jung Min in 2014. The boys however have their own aspirations and dreams about artists they would like to work with in the future.

“We would like to collaborate with IU, she has a really attractive voice. For foreign artists, Neyo and Bruno Mars. We want to go to the States too.”

A group of many talents, member Onejunn is able to lick his elbow. With this revelation, United Kpop was curious to hear what other secret talents the boys have!

“Sunwoo can put his tongue in his throat and Sungjun folds his five fingers backwards!”

Perhaps we’ll see proof of these abilities in July! Are you as ready for Boys Republic as they are for you?

“We are really excited to see you Royal Family! See you soon!”

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