The talented singer-songwriters Lunafly are coming to Europe next month, so there’s never been a better time to take a peek at the band’s history, and current new lineup.

The current members signed under Nega Network are Sam Carter (leader, vocals, guitar), Yun (vocals, guitar), Jin (drummer) and Yub (guitar). This new lineup was announced back in March, after original member Teo left earlier in the year.

The original trio of Lunafly first debuted in September 2012, with their self-penned track How Nice it Would Be. Their unique points: a laid back indie vibe, writing all of their own music, and having a British-born bloke in the band.

Sam Carter is half-British and half-Korean, a former soccer player, and first came to Korean public attention after he auditioned for MBC’s Star Audition 2 in 2012. Of course, like his fellow bandmates, he’s talented not just with playing tunes but writing them too.

This strong music-making unit has released many English and Korean singles, plus two studio albums, Fly to Love (2013) and Hermosos Recuerdos (2015), the latter being a Spanish-language release by Sam and Yun.

Last year, the Lunafly trio came to Europe, playing their ‘Made By You’ tour in Italy, Romania, France and Portugal. As we’ve already reported, this year their Re:born tour will play in Spain, Poland, Germany and Finland. You can get tickets now via Kanzen Music.

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