For this fan talent, we’re featuring ‘CheapLazyVegan’, aka Rose who is a YouTuber! She was born in South Korea, moved to Canada as a child and now currently living in London in her mid 20’s which does paint a picture of quite an adventurous person who tries to experience what the world has to offer.

Rose’s channel shows videos showing the kinds of meals she would eat in a day to give her viewers an idea on what a vegan lifestyle looks. This could perhaps dispel some of the myths linked to veganism and instead encourage others to be creature and venture out!  She also posts some Korean recipes, such as Bibimbap, but vegan styled!

For the channel ‘CheapLazyVegan’ which shows a range of different variety of vegan recipes options to choose from which includes a few Korean dishes with a vegan twist!  This YouTube channel has a total of 2,163 subscribers, but she also has two other YouTube channels you can also check out. The links are all down at the bottom of the article.

Here’s a brief message introducing you to her channel, this video allows people to get to know the down-to-earth personality and character of Rose and her explanation on creating ‘CheapLazyVegan’! There’s a couple of videos following this to get an idea on the kinds of videos that are posted on this channel. If you enjoy her videos, why not subscribe for more?

  • The popular Korean food dish with a vegan twist, a very easy recipe to make for anyone interested in trying to make this!

  • This video includes a vegan version of Doenjang jjigae which she later posted her recipe for this dish in the video below.

  • Includes vegan recipe of Doenjang jjigae which looks delicious!

Just an extra from her vlog channel, if interested to see more of Rose! To sum it up, as you could already tell from the title of the video, goes over her reasons for moving her life into a different country, all the way from Canada to the exciting city of London!

All the important links you’ll need if you want to follow Rose!

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