Yes, ’tis STILL the season for girl group comebacks! Now most of the sexy long-legged ladies have bum-wiggled their way off the stage, there should be some space for the undeniably, well… cute octet of Lovelyz. New teasers have been appearing for the last seven nights for a new release, called Lovelyz8.

Lovelyz are Baby Soul (leader), Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein.

The girls are the first girl group produced by Woollim Entertainment, which means they get to call Infinite big brothers. Like many idols, the girls were trainees for a long time at the label before their official debut last year in November and made a number or public appearances prior to debut. Sweet leader Baby Soul guested on Infinite H’s songs Crying and Fly High, while Jiae took part in a reality show with Infinite in 2010, and starred in their homemade She’s Back MV. Jin also sang with Infinite H, and released a single that starred EXO’s Xiumin in the vid. Mijoo made her debut in Infinite’s Last Romeo video.

The girls’ first teasers as a group promised a cute concept rather than sexy – sleek glossy locks teamed up with respectable neat school uniforms – and then a massive online scandal targeting member Jisoo blew out of nowhere and threatened to mess everything up. While the police got involved, Jisoo stepped back and the other girls debuted on schedule as a seven. Thankfully, the scandal proved to be false, and Jisoo will finally be able to make her official debut now.

If you’re curious about what Kpop idols usually do in the run up to debut, their mini series Lovelyz Diary is an ongoing series that follows the girls around their daily activities, like practicing their signatures as well as their dance steps. Woollim have added official English subtitles to the show so it’s easy to follow.

What can we expect from the new release? Well, Woollim have so far only released a series of teasers with the girls covering one eye. The official release date of Lovelyz8 hasn’t been announced yet so best keep an eye out for it (ho ho). Regardless of the lyrics, the stage performance is definitely bound to have sweet, super-synched choreography, swishy skirts and some refreshing upbeat vocals. These girls are still new on the block, so they definitely have a lot to learn from their big sisters, but it’s certainly refreshing to see some girlish charm winning chart spots instead of the usual twerk fest. Long may they remain lovely.

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