In this day and age it is hard to imagine a world without youtube and vloggs. Especially in kpop and the korean hallyu wave, it explains a lot of the extreme rise in international recognition for the past decade when we think about the fact that Youtube was launched in 2005.

We know. We feel like its been around forever too.

This week, we’re looking at the most popular and famous youtubers from korea who deal with beauty and style. Do you know all of the names below? Check out our favvourites and feel free to comment on your own choices below!

First up: Meejmuse

Jen Kim is an australian-korean vlogger and blogger based in Seoul. She’s grown so popular, she even has professional tv-crews following her when filming video series, like “streets of seoul”, where she walks around seoul and films videos based on questions from her viewers. Her youtube channel contains a variety of videos of her life in Seoul, but a large quantity are make-up and style tutorials like the one below, featuring a make-up look based on SNSD’s Party MV.

Second: K-Style TV

Featuring popular k-pop artist Miss A’s Min and model and radio host Irene Kim, the K-style youtube channel uploads beauty and style videos, with lots of fun guests as well as missions for the hosts. Check out one mini series below, where Min and Irene were tasked with designing their own bag! Featuring F(x) Amber.

Third: Pony

Pony, or Park Hyemin is a popular youtuber both in Korea and internationally, with her videos gaining millions of views. She has worked with several influential stars both in and outside of Korea, and was one of the first Korean vloggers to put english text on her beauty videos. Since, she’s gained followers all over the world, and recently held a fanmeeting in Thailand in addition to being taken to London to work with Burberry. Check out some highlights from her trip below!

Finally: Ssin

Ssin is one of Korea’s own top make-up artists and has gained popularity internationally since she started subtitling her videos. She not only does perfect make-up looks for girls, but shows cosplay make-up styles as well and male make-up tutorials, like the one below for Exo Kai.

From Head To Toe

We would also like to mention Korean-American vlogger Jen, FromHeadtoToe. Jen is based in LA where she is married and educated as a make-up artist. She has worked with a variety of brands in the past, most recently working with Burberry, and has a variety of make-up looks on her channel. Check out the one below where she remakes herself into Jessica from I Got A Boy!


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