This month we decided not to ask the staff for their favourite tracks (sometimes we’re a little biased). So it was down to you guys to tell us what tracks deserved to be on REPLAY.

And you picked well! 


Clon – Nan: Considering it takes about an hour before I arrive at school, I listen to a lot of music. This is a song that I’ve listened to a lot of times. One of my favourite Clon tracks.
Editor note: I forgot this exists, I bet it’s older than some of our readers. Thanks Kevin for reminding me of a great first gen track! 

Seventeen – Mansae: it’s super catchy, the boys got great talent and really surprised me with their fresh dance and sound. I’m happy that their not overly cute but have more boyish charisma 😀 *throws hearts*

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Girl’s Generation – You Think: The perfect balance of ear-piercing vocals, Hyoyeon and sass

BIGBANG – Let’s Not Fall In Love: This song has a bittersweet vibe that really stood out to me. Autumn has come and the song really complements the season too.


Got anymore suggestions for tracks we need to be listening to? Why not share them with us in the comment section below!


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