Thanks to V App – an app that let’s you stream your favourite K-Pop idols in real time – we’ve been able to see what idols have been up to as closely and intimately as if we were casually skyping them or even standing next to them.

It just so happened that, during a recent broadcast, Shinhwa member Jun Jin was attempting to buy tickets for his upcoming concert in Seoul scheduled for February 6 and 7. Why he was buying tickets to see his own performance is an intriguing question, but perhaps more interesting was the fact that the singer wasn’t able to buy any tickets for his own concert because they were sold out within 5 minutes after going on sale.

Jun Jin, wearing a casual hoodie and sitting in front of a computer, was speaking to his friends while the sale was happening, leaving him overwhelmed at the speed in which the tickets were disappearing – until none were left for him to purchase. Seemingly shocked at this, the singer took to his fans and gratefully acknowledged what they have to go through in order to see him perform.

Meanwhile, Jun Jin is about to release a solo repackaged album today at 12 pm KST. It consists of a DVD with behind-the-scenes cuts, pictorials from LA, a 2016 calendar and a limited edition poster.

Watch his broadcast on V App below:


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