Did I mention how much I love male maknaes? The youngest of the group is usually the toughest, as they have to deal with the tough training AND all the flack from hyungs. Maturing in the K-pop spotlight can’t be easy. But the best thing: one minute they’re slightly gawky teens and then BAM – on the next MV they’ve sneakily grown into sexpots.

Lee Taemin had a predictable maknae bowl cut and a huge cutesy smile in 2008 when he debuted with SHINee. He was snapped up by S.M Entertainment scouts three years prior to that at the age of 12, after appearing on an SM Open Weekend Audition Casting. His dance moves then – and ever since – showed an impressive level of body control and rhythm.

Each release from SHINee has charted Taemin’s progress in both dance and vocal skills (and a few interesting hairstyles) but it was his more mature style revealed in 2013’s Dream Girl and his appearance on We Got Married that really earned him the nickname TaeMAN. Make way, the maknae has landed. Although he’s not the lead vocal of the group, he was the first SHINee member to have a solo debut, with ACE in 2014. The MV and tune for Danger is out and out sexy swagger that presents a very mature and skilled performer.

It’s been over a year since then, but today marks the beginning of his new comeback. In the last 24 hours some very teasing images have been released, including a striking image of Taemin kissing himself. His new album title was revealed: Press It, and the title track Press Your Number. The title song has lyrics written by Taemin himself, and was produced by hip-hop/r&b unit Stereotypes, and Bruno Mars.

SM have also revealed a schedule of promo events:
Feb 22 – Pre-Single ‘Drip Drop’ performance Video and Highlight Medley V1
Feb 23 – Full Album and MV release
Feb 24/25 – Special performance videos

Recommended viewing while you wait:
Press Your Number teaser

Danger – his last solo release

Danger – dance video

Showing off some of his leg moves

Dream Girl – when he became TaeMAN

Bonus: Mini Taemin’s debut vid


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