Famous Korean beauty blogger and make-up artist to none other than CL, Park Hye Min (Also known as PONY make-up) has been causing waves with her incredible Taylor Swift make-up tutorial.

In the video uploaded on the 21st, we see PONY using an astonishing 24 products to create this unbelievable transformation- using her honed artistic talent, we watch PONY skilfully going about carefully reshaping her features with contouring and highlighting to resemble the ‘Shake it off’ singer. She flawless transforms herself into Taylor; completing the look with a blonde wig and her signature red lips.

The popularity of the video has gained attention worldwide, totaling almost 3.5 million views already- and her Instagram post has reached over 100,000 likes so far!

The transformation certainly highlights the powerful change that make-up can have on the appearance, and undoubtedly the confidence it can bring to the person wearing it. But this also brings up an important topic on whether or not the Asian culture is subject to a westernization of the beauty standard. With South Korea having been described as the plastic surgery capital of the world, and with medical tourism bringing more people to the country for various procedures the demand for more is only growing. Out of all of the procedures, double eyelid surgery is coined as being one of the most popular among men and women, once again questioning whether the beauty standards have been westernized to make individuals want a more “western appearance”.

Personally, I have no experience on the subject or even a great enough knowledge on the beauty standards to make an informed enough comment. However, just like a majority of the world, South Korea have their own beauty standards; from paler skin tones, V-lines and many more. A lot of which aren’t commonly seen in the described “western ideals” or standards desired in the USA or UK. Like many countries and places in the world- everyone has their own ideals of how they want to present themselves and while some may be influenced by western beauty I’d say it’s a smaller minority.

Overall, I think we can all agree on PONY’s immeasurable talent and skill she showed when doing this make-up transformation. It really is something! And this isn’t the first time she’s shown us her skill for transforming her face, she’s also done a make-up look turning into a Sim! Popularized from the EA game franchise. We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with because without a doubt, it’ll be something show-stopping!


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