It’s been a while since the feisty lasses of 2NE1 made a comeback, but Come Back Home, released in March 2014, is definitely one of their finest.

Objective: Learn some different words for ‘cold’
Bonus vocabulary: ahead, to see, a lot, to be scared

Listen out for the second line of the chorus, at 1:02 in the MV.
Right after ‘Come back home, can you come back home?’ you can hear: 차가운 세상 끝에 날 버리지 말고 = jakaun sesang gutae nal porichi malgo (when the cold world ends, don’t abandon me, and…)

A useful verb is in here, to be cold = 차갑다 jakapda
the world = 세상 sesang

Note that the verb for ‘to be cold’ is used for when an object is cold to the touch, for example here it’s the world, but it could be another object like water or someone’s hand.
If you want to say the weather is cold, or you are feeling cold, it’s a different word: 춥다 jupda
A cold (that you can catch) is also a different word:감기 kamgi. You can practice that here with Arirang’s TV teachers.

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Next, listen out for this line in the second verse (CL sings it after the rap at 2:35 in the MV)
앞을 볼 수가 없어 너무 두려워 = apul pol suka opso nomu turyowo (I can’t see ahead, I’m so scared)

Some really useful words are here!
ahead, forward = 앞 ap
to see = 보다 poda
a lot = 너무 nomu
to be scared = 두렵다 turyopda


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