Secret’s Jun Hyosung made a comeback at the end of March with ‘Find Me’. The TS Entertainment singer is certainly paving a relatively decent soloist career for herself, having been quite an underrated artist amongst the other well known artists in the same field. Though, with the generic concepts that she’s covered during her solo career, it’s questionable whether she’ll be able to be a successful artist by herself. However, this isn’t to say that she isn’t talented – not suggesting that at all, but within her group they all really do compliment each other very well. Anyone else missing Secret?


The music itself is catchy, the sound seems similar to her older songs that were released. From looking at the lyrics, it paints the picture of longing for a lost love, not being able to cope without the presence of the other person which is further supported by the following sentences taken from the song. It tells the story of becoming someone who has grown to become solely dependant on another individual, about not being fully happy if the other person is not in their life.

“I feel like I’m losing you It’s driving me crazy
Please hold on to me Please find me now”.

“Things became clear as soon as I saw you
Light filled my heart”.


As always with these music video in this industry, it’s the visuals that take the center stage. Though, the main aspect that really caught our attention was the fashion and chorography. It seems that the singer has grown accustomed to acting more naturally in music videos, since from her past solo MV’s, it might just have been she was unused to promoting by herself rather than shooting music video scenes with the other Secret members.


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