If you’re looking for a simple and filling dinner, look no further than mandu, Korean dumplings. You can stuff them with your favourite foods, and eat them steamed, fried or swimming in soup. Invite some friends over for a dumpling party and you can quickly make hundreds of them together – you can always freeze what you don’t eat.

Kimchi, tofu, pork, noodles and onions makes a simple but tasty combo. Expect to pay 10,000KRW and up for a plateful in Seoul. Try this place, Jaha Sonmandu. Vegetarians, look out for somandu and the flatter napjack mandu on the menu in Korea as they don’t have meat or fish in.

When making mandu at home, consider buying ready made dumpling wrappers to speed up your prep time; but the recipes below also give ingredients and instructions if you want to make them from scratch.

Here’s an easy to follow video recipe

Kimchi mandu made by a chatty Korean momma (feeds a big group!)

Another video and recipe is right here.


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