After a two year wait for fans, Akdong Musician have made their awaited comeback! The freshing sibling duo consist of Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, who were the winners on the competition series Kpop Star 2. The last release from the pair included the full length album entitled ‘Play’ in early 2014 and following on, Suhyun joined forces with Lee Hi and IKON’s Bobby for a subunit later on that same year.


It’s a jazzy number, which has been revealed to be inspired by fellow labelmate Lee Hi’s debut song ‘1, 2, 3, 4’. The song was composed and written by one half of the duo, Chanhyuk. Though, the message of the song couldn’t be any different. Instead, there’s a focus on distrust with friendships ending on a sour note, there’s a reference in Chanhyuk’s rap where he notes “It’s hard to see friendship these days”. In regards to the song, he reflected on his past when he lived in Mongolia and the difficulties he faced having to leave behind friendships he had made.

Although we often say it on a regular basis, saying goodbyes can be a painful experience. Especially if there’s the chance you may not see the person you are saying farewell to again. Which leads to the deeper core of the song, a defence barrier being raised in order to avoid the pain of saying goodbye to people, the message is to cut off ties without any emotion which is further shown through these examples in the lyrics, “Wave your hands without a regret” and “Greet others simply, just enough”. 



The production – background of the MV looks to be the opening night of a play of some sorts. The music video commences with Suhyun tending to the leading actress and ends up looking like the typical clumsy help. The costumes were very classy with a vintage style. There’s a line of mystery when you first watch it, as accidents (or close encounters, whichever way you look at it) are thrown in every other scene until the culprit is found. And it wasn’t the obvious choice, rather than the main leading lady who seemed to possess a superiority complex, it was one of the dancers – spoiler alert. 

This could symbolise how people may seem friendly to your face, however once your back is turned the mask doesn’t always remain in its place – you can’t put naive trust into anyone, especially strangers (or even in this case, people you could class as friends). In the real world, sometimes it is a dog eat dog place.


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