To Inspirits, Nam Woohyun is many things; playful puppydog, heart vending machine, talented songwriter, swooning vocal supremo. This week, he made his long-awaited solo debut.

Woohyun first debuted with boy band Infinite almost six years ago, in June 2010. In fact, he was the first member to be recruited during Woollim Entertainment auditions. In an interview with the magazine 10asia, he said he had once dreamed of being a football player as a kid, but from high school onwards wanted to have a career in music instead. He’s been able to fulfil both dreams to date, as he plays charity football matches for the all-star team FC MEN (headed up by JYJ’s Junsu!) as well as being an idol.

One of Infinite’s lead vocalists, and a confident performer to the letter, Woohyun has always completely owned the stage during his solo spots at the group concerts. It’s no surprise he was a regular performer on Immortal Song 2 a great showcase for his vocal and charismatic stage presence. He’s also had a good run with acting; in 2012 and 2013, he made his musical debut with Gwanghwamun Sonata, and in 2014 co-starred with band member Sungyeol in KBS K-drama High School Love On. 2014 was a busy year for Woohyun; he also formed a cross-label subunit called Toheart with SHINee’s Key.

Woohyun’s solo spots at Infinite’s live concerts have improved year on year, and he has composed many songs and lyrics for them. He’s also written tracks for the whole group. The 2014 track Together, penned during the group’s first world tour, is a soaring emotional tribute from an idol to his fans. Unsurprisingly, expectations were running high for his solo release.

The mini-album Write has three self-composed songs, and it’s full of swooning ballards. It’s off to a stellar start, as the pre-sale 50,000 copies have already sold out online! Look out for Woohyun promoting first track Nodding on music shows this week.

Nodding – the first solo track release

Write – official album preview

Together – written and composed by Woohyun for Infinite

Delicious – with SHINee’s Key as Toheart

You’re My Lady fancam – his solo from Infinite’s 2015/6 concert tour

Everyday fancam – his solo from Infinite’s 2015/6 concert tour

Beautiful fancam – his solo from Infinite’s 2012 concert tour

Bonus: his directing debut What Happened in Hong Kong pt1


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