Baek Ayeon is a solo artist signed under JYP Entertainment and maintained the title of being one of the finalists of the first season of Kpop Star. She’s made her 2016 comeback with the song ‘So So’, which followed her previous release of her first self composed track ‘Shouldn’t Have’ which featured fellow label mate Young K from Day6.


It’s a chilled song, led through by the Baek A-Yeon’s dulcet vocals. The lyrics sets the scene of a young girl, who gives off the impression of dealing with the remnants of a broken heart. No matter who she meets, she doesn’t feel a connection. “Whoever I meet, it’s so so. Being alone is so so”. However, she cannot help the way she feels, she is unable to shake off the unwanted feelings of jealously of other couples. Baek A-Yeon croons over not being able to remember what it feels like to be in love, “Falling in love. Everyone but me is doing it”. She feels conflicted, on one hand she does not want to force herself to love someone yet she finds that she yearns to be in love.


The MV tells the story of a young girl admitted into hospital, she’s impassive and maintains a poker-face. There’s a scan which showed her heart broken which explains her lack of emotion, there’s an implication that she may have shut herself off as a result from a break up or perhaps a distinct absence of love in her life. So it may be the case that her heart may become whole once she meets someone she can grow to love. Despite the numerous interventions and attempts made by her doctor and nurses to try and invoke some kind of a reaction from Baek Ayeon, which included cake, watching a clip showing a couple and the presence of a confident guy, she remains emotionless and unimpressed. However, it seemed that with the sudden appearance from a little dog, she slowly finds herself opening up and even allows a few smiles. At the end of the MV, the dog runs out of the room into the awaiting arms of another mysterious man as we see Baek Ayeon finally starting to feel something.


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