Tiffany, Stephanie, Miyoung, Fany, Manager Hwang, Eye Smile Princess – this week’s Weekly Idol has many names, and many more talents.

Born as Hwang Miyoung/Stephanie (although her Mum wanted to name her Tiffany) she auditioned and got accepted as an SM Entertainment trainee at the age of 15. She debuted with Girls’ Generation in 2007, quickly rising in fame to become part of Korea’s most famous girl group. She’s also part of the sub-unit TTS, and finally released her solo mini-album I Just Wanna Dance this month.

Tiffany isn’t the leader of Girls’ Generation, but one of her many nicknames is Manager Hwang, as she often takes on manager-like tasks, checking on the girls and giving input to their concepts. Watch her at work on The TaeTiSeo program and you’ll see a savvy idol with ambition glinting in her famous eye smile.

While she may look like a queen of perfection, there’s a been a lot of little bumps along the road to success, including treatment for vocal nodules in 2008 which she feels has changed her singing voice. She’s also known for her little Korean faux-pas, and her occasional unplanned dance solos.

Aside from her Girls’ Generation work, Tiffany has presented TV shows – she’s now appearing on an all-female variety show Sister’s Slam Dunk – and performed in the musical version of Fame. As a pretty bilingual celeb, it’s no surprise she’s been asked to interview global celebs on their Korean tours. Check out her interviews with Tom Hiddleston and Tom Cruise below, as well as her 80’s-pop-inspired solo debut.

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