CLC are a seven member girl group that debuted in 2015 under Cube Entertainment. Their name stands for CrystaL Clear. The members are: Seungyeon (leader), Seunghee, Yujin, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie and Eunbin.

To date, they have released three Korean EPs: ‘First Love’, ‘Question’ and ‘Refresh’ and one Japanese language EP: ‘High Heels’.

The girls started out as a five member group until Elkie and Eunbin joined in February this year. Elkie is Chinese and was actually a child actress in her native Hong Kong and a former member of a Hong Kong girl group called Honey Bees. Eunbin was a contestant on Mnet’s girl group survival show ‘Produce 101’ before being eliminated the tenth episode. Elkie is not the only non-South Korean member – Sorn is of Thai nationality.

Both before and after their debut last year, the girls have been very active. Sorn collaborated with female soloist G.NA in the song “Because You Are The One” and both Seunghee and Seungyeon worked alongside their fellow Cube Entertainment artist and BEAST member Yang Yoseob for the song “Perfume”. All the girls appeared in G.NA’s music video for “G.NA’s Secret” and many of the members have also featured in a few of BTOB’s MVs.

CLC have made a big name for themselves in the world of television. They have three documentary series surrounding the group: ‘CLC’s Love Chemistry’, ‘CLC Queen Game’ and ‘CLC’s Beautiful Mission’. They have also made appearances as a group on the programmes ‘Weekly Idol’ and ‘The Boss is Watching’.  Yeeun appeared on an episode of ‘SBS Running Man’ and Yujin has been involved in ‘Real Men (Female Special)’ and ‘Comedy Big League’, as well ‘Same Bed, Different Dream’ alongside BTOB members Eunkwang and Minhyuk.

The CLC members have also been involved in drama series. Sorn was in the 2010 Thai drama ‘Be a Better Man’ and Elkie featured in the 2013 Hong Kong drama ‘The Hippocratic Crush II’. Seungyeon and Yujin have also made small appearances in ‘Light and Shadow’ (2012) and ‘Nightmare Teacher’ (2016) respectively. They have also sang songs for the OST of online game ‘Ar:piel’ and for the 2016 web drama series ‘Choco Bank’.

CLC’s music so far has been highly energetic and quite feel-good. They often show a very cute and feminine style, but have also been able to carry a subtle edge which gives them a slightly cool and chic vibe too. They are clearly hard-working ladies and they have managed to capture a lot of interest in their short time as a group.

Here are some videos to help you get more familiar:

‘Pepe’ MV

‘Like’ MV

‘High Heels’ MV

[ENG SUB] CLC’s Love Chemistry #1


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