EXO – Monster/Lucky One

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Usually the last thing any one pays attention to in EXO comebacks is the styling. The slick vocals and tight, synchronised choreography are usually the focus but somewhere behind the scenes waits a stylist who is dressing the boys to impress with every show. EXO have treated fans with a double comeback with tracks Monster and Lucky One. Both stage styles are vastly different. During the Monster promotions, EXO have been styled in black and red co-ordinates. The cuts of the jackets are perfect as each member is wearing something similar in style but completely different in structure. Baekhyun has chains across the jacket and Kai has safety pins keeping the jacket in place. The torn, roughed up aesthetic fits the song perfectly and we are in love with the individual styling on stage! Turning away from the punk vibes, Lucky One has a whole different feel to it. If only we could steal every metallic item of clothing in their wardrobe… From metallic trousers to metallic bomber jackets, EXO have become holographic icons. We are particularly fond of D.O’s copper shine jacket and trouser emsemble. Kudos to the stylist for that one!

Fiestar – Apple Pie

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Nothing in the world is sweeter than this comeback right now, not even apple pie. Fiestar are a group who usually wow with mature, sexy concepts and this latest comeback showcases a sweeter side to the feisty five piece. The promotion styling is in sync with the MV keeping a retro theme of bright pops of colour and vintage patterns. Gingham is a must-have for retro concepts. The real envy lies in the apron skirt and shirt outfits in their Music Bank performance last week. Not suitable for every day wear but super cute for a costume! Plus it’s great to see every member co-ordinating even fierce rapper, Yezi.

CLC – No Oh Oh

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CLC have been on the scene for a year now and after an additional two members this year, the group have had their fifth comeback with No Oh Oh. Their high-energy choreography and bubblegum vocals are perfect for this summer track. The styling for their promotions is absolutely perfect as CLC are known for mixing high-street brands in their performance fashion. Sorn wears a khaki mini dress from Zara on their Show Champion stage. The girls are also loyal to their home brands as Eunbin is wearing a Play No More shirt on Show Music Core. Closer to home for us UK fans, we have noticed Lazy Oaf items from their ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ collection appearing in abundance during the Show Music Core performances. Can we just steal it all?


(Source: KBS)

After a string of successes and rising popularity from their Up & Down/Ah Yeah promotions, EXID are back with their first full album Street and lead single L.I.E. Distinctive and unique, L.I.E has already won 3 shows and is continuing to top the charts. The fashion aesthetic of the MV isn’t easily transferable onto stage for their promotions so their stylists have adapted EXID’s unique quality into perfectly co-ordinating outfits. EXID are back in their signature cropped tops and short shorts look and killing it on every show. Hani’s look on KBS Music Bank is one of the best and we would love to steal every aspect of it. From the red beret to the white skirt and braces, the whole look is perfect and executed so well on stage. Solji’s asymmetrical sports tank with Adidas running shorts look is such a casual choice but absolutely works.

Oh My Girl – Windy Day

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We have sat around too long feeling like a victim of wardrobe envy where Oh My Girl are concerned. With every comeback we rush to our wardrobes to find something so feminine and floaty that we too can feel like a fairy. We are on the cusp of summer and what better time to be hit with wardrobe envy with an Oh My Girl comeback. Luckily enough, the woodland nymph appeal has made its way into high street stores so we can finally buy all the feminine frills we desire! We just need the weather for it now… Oh My Girl have graced the stages in pastel co-ordinates of different colours for different days. They performed on Show Music Core in periwinkle blue and M Countdown in a subtle pastel pink. They are absolutely perfect for the comeback and we want them in every single colour imaginable.


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