By now, the news has no doubt spread with the disbandment of the beloved girl group 4Minute. With this SOTW, we’ll be looking at a few of their songs to celebrate the 7 years they were together as a unit. They debuted back in 2009 under Cube entertainment with ‘Hot Issue’, the era in pop when auto-tune was a trend in music.

As the years passed, we’ve been able to see 4Minute continue to grow and flourish, it’s unfortunate of the news that they will no longer be releasing new music. However, we still have the remnants of the good tunes they’ve left behind. We will no doubt miss them, but also wish all the members the best of luck for the future!

1. Hot Issue

As mentioned, this was their debut song in 2009. So this is a throwback to the earlier stages when K-pop was starting to sow the seeds to attract interest internationally as well as domestically.

2. What’s Your Name?

We jump a few years to 2012 when this title track was released. The style has evolved, as the pop genre is ever changing. This was during the aftermath of ‘Gangnam Style’ which gave Hyuna more of a platform by giving her more exposure as well as 4Minute. Oh and let’s not forget the zombies trend going on here.

3. Crazy 

Then in 2015, this is the song that people will definitely remember with 4Minute just as other groups have their trademark song. With the monochrome filter and powerful choreography, it inspired many dance covers and was an edgy concept.

4. Hate

Last but not least, the final comeback (sounded ominous, I’m sure), it was probably not the happiest song to end their careers with, but it was a strong concept. It seems that most girl groups who are in the midst of promoting their most recent comebacks have had similar images of being angry with their ex-partners. Although there was more potential with 4Minute as a group, they have certainly provided us with a number of good music over the years. So once again, thanks 4Minute!


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