Naming your band after one of literature’s most romantic – and most doomed – characters is either genius or madness, and only time will tell if Romeo and their soon to be revealed sub-units will rise to genius.

The fresh-faced and energetic seven are Seunghwan (leader), Yunsung, Milo, Minsung, Kyle, Hyunkyung, and Kangmin (maknae).

They’re signed to CT Entertainment/Hunus Entertainment, and made their debut in May 2015 with the mini-album The Romeo. The second mini album in November 2015 was Zero In. Their fandom name is, of course, Juliet.

This week, they are said to be announcing three sub-units in the band as well as a comeback, Miro. The boys have been busy writing their own music and lyrics for each sub-unit. Nightmare was released a few weeks ago, in the run-up to the subunit announcement. Despite the ominous name it’s a cheerful, casual MV.

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Far more snazzy-looking is Miro, the teaser they released on Tuesday, which features Minho from SHINee! It turns out the CEO of CT Entertainment, Hwang Sungwook, is a former SM Entertainment manager, so the company and artist wanted to show their support to the rookies. Look out for the MV release in the next 24 hours!

Miro (teaser featuring Minho of SHINee)

Miro teaser 2


Target (dance version)

Present (on Airirang)

Lovesick – debut track

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