Korean fashion is everywhere in K-Pop and as much as you can get your K-Fashion inspiration from the likes of AKMU and Oh My Girl, you can see the real deals from Korean street vloggers and beauty channels on Youtube. We’ve got our top three favourite Korean fashion bloggers that you can subscribe to for essential season-by-season inspiration.


With almost 300,000 subscribers, Hanbyul is a Korean Fashion Youtuber with a variety of style and beauty playlists. Her most popular videos are her beautifully edited look-books that are uploaded every couple of weeks to keep you updated and on trend with the ever-changing fashion world. In this fast-fashion decade, the years of the two seasons (S/S & A/W) are obsolete and we are in a trend-driven and eclectic fashion emergency. Hanbyul pulls together so many typical Korean styles and trends into perfectly affordable, well executed outfits. Hanbyul also posts Q&A’s, fitness motivation videos and makeup tutorials. Her videos are subtitled in English which is a bonus!

Aside from her Youtube channel, you can check out her Instagram for a quick fashion inspiration fix.


A fashion-forward Youtuber with vlogs from the hottest fashion catwalks and showcases, Heynee is the essence of Korean street fashion. Her bubbly personality combined with her bright, colourful style is why many watch her vlogs. You don’t need to understand Korean to fall in love with her infectious style. Even Heynee’s simpler videos of a different matter ooze her charisma and sugary style. You can follow her around designer boutiques where she keeps you updated on what is hot in Korean fashion. With only 61,000 subscribers this Youtuber is only growing in popularity with every upload! HEYNEE’s SHOWINDOW is definitely one to watch this year!


Bambigirl describes herself as ‘a girl who loves fashion’ and uploads fashion hauls, look-books and reviews aswell as beauty tutorials. Her look-books are like a collage of mini K-Pop videos and her editing style is super sweet and fresh. Bambigirl has close to 350,000 subscribers and it isn’t hard to see why she is so popular on the K-Blogger scene. Her natural style is easy to replicate into your western wardrobe and she has many college looks for students on a budget. Bambigirl is the definition of Korean ‘vitamin’ and utilises all social media to stay close to her viewers. Her Instagram is a refreshing gallery of perfectly co-ordinated outfits and style inspiration.


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