It doesn’t seem like summer has officially commenced until SISTAR have their annual comeback, though the sound of this particular title track differs in comparison from the upbeat songs promoted the popular girl group has released over the last two years.

For this SOTW, we’ll be looking at SISTAR’s ‘I Like That’!



Like with EXID’s latest title track, the lyrical meaning of this song is unrelenting in its scorn. SISTAR have evidently swapped the bubbly, lost in love personas for a more mature with a classy elegance.

Looking at their older song ‘Alone’ which created the scenario of being unable to cope with the aftermath of a painful breakup, there’s definitely an interesting contrast with ‘I Like That’ as the members of SISTAR have finally accepted the truth of the situation and no longer allow themselves to believe the endless cobweb of lies.

“I like you, 
I love you, 
Those got to be the best lies I’ve heard this year,”


Straight off the bat, just like the accompanying music it shows off a subtle feminine twist that SISTAR have shown to transit through easily as this is the kind of concept that suits this girl group. The production of the MV is sleek, a good balance between traditional and modern styles of the clothes used. Like we mentioned before, it promotes an elegant, feminine concept that leaves a lasting impression. While the bonds between K-Pop groups can be questionable, at least in this MV it shows a solidarity between the members as they look after each other.


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