Here’s one for the convenience store shopping list in Korea: Petitzel puddings and desserts. The company is a brand owned by Cheiljedang, whose logo you will likely recognise from K-pop as it’s part of the CJ&EM Entertainment group.

Petitzel’s name comes from the French for small, petit, and zel, jelly. Its product range does have some jelly fruit drinks, but it’s the small cup milky pudding range that’s made the brand most popular. You’ve likely seen the puds eaten in K-dramas, as well as being scoffed and name-dropped recently backstage during reality audition show Produce 101.

The puddings come in a variety of flavours, such as Honey Blossom and Mascarpone Cheese, and cost around 1,800KRW for one. You can pick up a pack of four in the supermarket for 6,000KRW. My Love from the Star lead actor Kim Soo Hyun advertised Petitzel puddings deliciously in 2015.

In the last few weeks, I.O.I have been featuring in ads for Petitzel. First the company issued a short ad for the puddings, based on clips of three members from the Produce 101 show.

But now, they’re advertising the company’s newer range of eclairs in a specially created MV and dance, reworking an old French tune Les Champs-Elysees.

If the Petitzel eclair ad has your mouth watering, fret not, you can make your own version here.

They don’t ship them internationally, but take a peek at G-Market’s listing for the Petitzel puddings, so you know what to look out for if you’re in Korea.


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