Rapper San E released the playful summery hit Like an Airplane two months ago. Its opening lines and catchy chorus can help you remember two simple sentences and some travel and sociable words!

Objective: Learn how to say ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Are you alone?’
Bonus Vocabulary: Airplane, right now, like, friends

Listen first for the first four lines of the song:
지금 뭐해?
(Girl: I’m just chilling)
혼자 있어?
(Girl: no, 친구들이랑)

What are you doing right now? = 지금 뭐해? jigum moay?
right now = 지금 jigum
what = 뭐 mo
to do = 하다 hada -> conjugated into +ing 해 hey

Are you alone? = 혼자 있어? honja isso?
alone, by oneself = 혼자 honja
to be = 이다 ida -> conjugated into 있어 isso

No, I’m with my friends = 친구들이랑 chingudul illang
friend = 친구 chingu
friends = 친구들 chingudul

For the chorus, the word airplane = 비행기 pihengi can be heard repeated many times, so it’s easy to pick up!

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Right now, like an airplane, airplane, plane, plane = 지금 당장 마치 비행기 비행기 행기 행기
jigum danjang machi pihengi, pihengi, hengi, hengi

Like an airplane, airplane, plane, plane = 마치 비행기 비행기 행기 행기
machi pihengi, pihengi, hengi, hengi


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