The rapper recently released his second mini-album ‘Scene Stealers’ on the 13th July, with ‘Ain’t No Party like an AOMG Party’ being promoted as one of the title tracks. For this SOTW, we’re looking at the collaborative song between Jay Park and fellow AOMG artist Ugly Duck which seems to be part two of their previous work ‘Mommae’. Given by the nature of the title, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a hyped dance number. Especially when the chorus hits, the beat is contagious. While on the lyrical side of things, it projects confidence and the general drunk antics of a good party.

It’s apologetically unfiltered and devoid of the typical PG friendly MV’s that are constantly released in the K-pop industry, it’s quite refreshing to an extent that Jay Park has all the creative freedom when it comes to his music and the production of his music videos.

“Move out the way,
AOMG is here.”


The beginning is like the calm before the storm, the two AOMG artists strolling through with an undeniable air of nonchalance. Then, the music started to match the mood of the MV as the various dancers take the stage with Jay Park in the centre. Like with his previous song ‘Mommae’, the female dancers are back again with notably stronger choreography. There’s a particular scene, where Jay Park sprays himself with some kind of cologne, similar to the kind of Lynx adverts that showed girls (and even angels on others) being attracted to the smell of the product.

“Girls like are like beasts
They won’t leave us alone.”


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