Released in June 2015, 2PM’s My House offers up some useful beginner vocab for inviting people over.

Objective: Learn how to say ‘Let’s go to my house.’
Bonus Vocabulary: Alright

One of the key lines of the chorus, heard first at 0:49 in the MV is:
It’s alright 우리 집으로 가자 uri jibeuro gaja

we, us = 우리 uri
house = 집 jib
particle = 으로 uro
let’s go = 가자 gaja (to go = 가다)

So the line translates as ‘It’s alright, lets go to my house.’
It’s repeated frequently in the song, making it a good one for learners.

Another often repeated word is 그래 geurae, which can be used in many situations to mean yes, alright, OK, me too. You can also hear the negative form at the beginning of this song, 안그래 angeurae.


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