Dance practice videos are part and parcel of the K-Pop genre. They give fans a chance to see complex choreography in it’s entirety with no interruptions. It also means that we can see a little snippet of the K-Pop artists’ behind the scenes work, and relationships with one another.

We have compiled a video playlist of some of our favourites, this list is by no means exhaustive though, so be sure to comment with your favourite dance practices too!

1. Infinite – ’24 Hours’

In a lot of dance practice videos, the camera remains stationary as all the members dance in front of it. In this particular one though, the camera flows through and focuses on different members at different times in one continuous take. It’s clear that this in itself would take a fair amount of planning and co-ordination, and it means that the final product looks almost like a second MV.

2. Orange Caramel – ‘Catallena’

Orange Caramel are always full of fun, and this dance practice is a prime example of this. They include a couple of bloopers and have fun screaming and laughing out loud. It is a video that will likely put a smile on your face and shows how well the girls get along with one another.

3. BTS – ‘War of Hormone’ (Halloween version)

Bangtan Boys often provide many different versions of dance practices, some serious, and some silly. This Halloween version is really entertaining and you can tell that the members are having a really good time, and getting into character. It’s also great to see how much effort was put into their creepy costumes. Well they are creepy, aside from Jin’s Jack Sparrow and Jimin’s Charlie Chaplain…

4. SHINee – ‘Everybody’

SHINee mean business when it comes to their choreography and that much is clear here. This gives fans a chance to have a real look at their moves without being distracted by the glitz of an MV. They are a group that never fails to amaze when it comes to synchronicity and tenacity in their dancing.

5. 2PM – ‘A.D.T.OY’

This dance practice seamlessly incorporates chairs and the members work like clockwork. It makes for an impressively fluid performance and just goes to show how much practice goes into these dances. Every member knows where to go, what chair to move where, and still manages to absorb themselves fully into the choreography, Everyone even packs up at the end and moves off…apart from Chansung, who is left behind wondering why they have left.

6. Teen Top – ‘Miss Right’

All the Teen Top members are looking cool and serious, then all of a sudden, things…change. It kind of defies explanation really…just be sure to watch it!

7. TVXQ – ‘Catch Me’

One thing that can be said about TVXQ‘s choreography is that it is almost always inventive and full of creativity. This particular dance practice shows how Yunho, Changmin and their dance team can flow so closely and function as though they are a single unit. They conceal, reveal, lift and lay each other down with what looks like such little effort. It certainly makes for an impressive watch.

8. SISTAR – ‘Touch My Body’

You get a real summer vibe from this practice video with this super catchy, upbeat track and the members’ bright clothing and bubbly performance. It’s nice to see a slice of their backstage life as they chat together before they begin. This practice also involves a mixture of close ups, giving each girl a chance to show off for the cameras. You will likely find yourself wiggling along to this one!

9. JJCC – ‘Fire’ (Eye Contact Version)

In this special dance practice released during Chuseok last year, the members of JJCC wear hanboks. This is also an ‘eye contact version’, meaning there is a lot of looking directly into the camera. Ooh!

In any case, they look like they are having a good time!

10. VIXX – ‘Fantasy’

VIXX always set the bar high when it comes to their concepts and choreography. Their dance practices always make for a good watch just to appreciate how much effort they put into them. It generally shows the professionalism of K-Pop idols really well.


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