For this SOTW, we’re looking at the rookie girl group, I.O.I’s newest release ‘Whatta Man’. The group was created through the reality show ‘Produce 101’ and debuted in April of this year. They’re composed of eleven members and were the successful chosen candidates from 101 potential trainees from an assortment of entertainment companies. For this song, however only seven of the members were used as a sub-unit.


For somebody who may not be aware that they’re not an official group, with their disbandment to be reportedly happening early next year, they give off the vibe of being a real contender in the K-pop industry. It would certainly be a shame if the talent were to end. The song has impressive vocals and the rapping’s not too shabby either from this group. The song used is actually a sample the 1963’s song “What a Man” by Linda Lyndell. Right off the bat, it’s an upbeat, super catchy song to listen to which is ideal for the summer! The meaning of the song is pretty self-explanatory, the girls croon over a new love interest who they believe to be a ‘good man’. They’re indecisive over whether they should act over their feelings, referring to the electricity they felt from being close to them, yet yearns for the guy to make the first move.

“Luck that falls from the sky
Do you think it’ll go to you?”

“If you don’t catch me, if you don’t hold onto me
I’ll fly away like a balloon.”


In regards to the MV plot, it gives off the impression of a guy who’s not particularly interested in the girl which paints him as the bad guy. Seeing that the girl is distraught from the rejection, her friends band together to improve her confidence and to give her a make-over – which can often a cliche as it can promote the idea that a girl has to change the way she in order for the person to like her. Though, at the ending of the music video, the girl gets her own back as the guy seems to be smitten with her new look as she doesn’t look twice at him and motions for the other girls to follow. The MV seems to be a parallel opposite to the meaning of the song which remains adamant on seeing the ‘good’ in the guy, as in the video the guy isn’t portrayed to be nice in the slightest. On a side note, the choreography’s pretty good, the girls look comfortable in both their individual shoots and with each other.


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