Following in the footsteps of fellow BTS rappers Rap Monster and J-Hope, Suga has released his long-awaited solo mixtape, AgustD this week.

Suga – real name Min Yoongi – was born in Daegu Town in March 1993. He decided to pursue a career in music in the 6th grade of school, inspired by the tunes of Stony Skunk and Epik High. He was a songwriter before he debuted with BTS in 2013, and says he often wrote rap lyrics at midnight and beyond as a trainee. He’s known for his rap skills on stage, and his ‘honest and blunt personality’ (in his own words) with the members.

Mixtapes are usually released by hip-hop artists for free, so AgustD isn’t an official release for the charts, but it does have a kick-ass MV which netted over a million views in its first day of release.

The ten-track mixtape features lyrics and tunes all written by Suga. His hard-hitting lyrics include dealing with depression and social phobia as an idol, and his confidence as a rapper, like ‘I rap and you’ll get turned on by my tongue technology,’ have already been sending music industry writers into a tizz. Check this Billboard piece for more on the lyrics.

Fellow BTS members have been tweeting about their favourite tracks since its release on August 15. Jungkook likes So Far Away, and J-Hope favours The Last. Check it out for yourself with the links below.

Watch his AgustD MV (English subtitles available)

Listen to AgustD on Spotify here.
Get it on Google here – link from BigHit.


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