BLACKPINK are a four member girl group that debuted this year under YG Entertainment. YG had been teasing about their debut for around four long years, so fans had to endure a lot of frustrated anticipation before the girls finally came out as a group!

The members are Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. It was decided that there would be no leader as the members are all very close to one another. Both Jisoo and Jennie are South Korean, while Rosé is Australian, and Lisa is Thai.

During the long run up to their debut, the members were involved in many different activities. Jisoo appeared in numerous advertisements and many of her label mates’ music videos, including Hi Suhyun’s ‘I’m Different’. She was also in the 2015 KBS drama ‘The Producers’. Jennie was featured in the songs ‘GG Be’ and ‘Black’ by Big Bang’s Seungri and G-Dragon respectively. She was also in G-Dragon’s MV for ‘That XX’ and spent some time studying in New Zealand. Rosé won first place in YG Entertainment’s auditions in Australia and was sang in G-Dragon’s song ‘Without You’ (she was credited simply as ‘? Of YG New Girl Group’). Whilst member Lisa was part of a dance crew in Thailand, and was the only person accepted in 2010 YG auditions in the country.

BLACKPINK have released a single album entitled ‘Square One’ and have released two music videos so far. The ‘BOOMBAYAH’ video currently has over 21 million views, and the MV for ‘WHISTLE’ has nearly 18 million views at the time of writing! The girls have already snagged their first music show win on ‘Inkigayo’, making it the fastest ever win for a girl group in K-Pop.

This explosive debut is hopefully only just the start for BLACKPINK and their journey of success!

You can check out their MVs below:




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