It’s three years since Ailee released U&I, but it’s still a classic from the sassy soloist.

Objective: Learn how to say ‘Why are you being like this?’

Listen out at 0:55 in the MV for the line
왜 이러니, 왜 이러니 자꾸 똑같은 말
way ironi, way ironi jjagu totakun mal

why = 왜 way
to do things like this = 이렇게 하다 iroke hada has been shortened to 이러니 ironi
frequently/over and over = 자꾸 jaggu
exactly the same = 똑같이 totake
talk = 말 mal

Putting it all together, Ailee is asking ‘why are you being like this, saying the same things over and over?’

A good grammar point to pick up here is the casual way to ask ‘why do you…’
왜 + verb+ 니
That’s why 왜 이렇게 하다 becomes 왜 이러니 way ironi

Get those troublesome people in your life in order using Ailee’s words!


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