For this SOTW, we’re looking at Infinite’s newest title song ‘The Eye’ which is part of their sixth mini-album which was released on the 19th September. It’s been well over a year since their last comeback with ‘Bad’, though it looks as if their fans were more than welcoming as they made their anticipated return as their album became no.1 on the iTunes K-pop chart.


The opening vocals are soft as they grow in fervour, the music starts off with a slow pace before the melody picks up to build pre-chorus. The instrumental that is implemented into the song worked well, even with the adrupt transition with the EDM infested chorus. There’s a distinct lack of rap, something that is often rare in majority of K-pop songs with there being more of a favour on the vocals.

The lyrics is tinged with regret, touching on a emotions that were invoked through the aftermath of a failed relationship. It looks like there is a deep desire to seek closure, to finally be able to close that upsetting chapter in their life. So that the mental barrier could be lifted, thus allowing life to filter into his life once more which would enable him to move on.

However, just when they think that they are free, they are clawed back in once again.

“It was so long, it was so hard

But I’m saying goodbye to this break up”.

“Finally, light is coming down
The stormy rain and wind
Has finally stopped”.





Like with most Infinite’s music videos, there’s an underlying story to give the song some more depth. The one thing I can definitely say with this group is that their choreography is almost enchanting to watch as they move in such a sleek way that makes them look as if they’re a well oiled machine. It’s a trademark notion when thinking of this particular group of their synchronised dancing.

Though, there’s certainly not a shortage of theories behind the plots of their music videos. One being they’re just simply memories or even spirits, hinting that they had already passed on leaving him to grieve and want nothing back to be reunited with them once again – even if it meant giving up his own life.

Myungsoo, or also known under his stage name ‘L’, is the leading man in MV. The other members look as if they’re trying to shake him out of his own cage of thoughts, to protect him from himself or whatever, or whomever is responsible for making him turn out this way. At the end, a light bulb is switched on, as if further visibly illustrating Myungsoo finally shaking himself from his trance and returns back to reality with the last scene showing a discarded wallet with a polaroid photo showing the whole of Infinite.


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