Earlier this month the MV for Electric Shock, the 2012 hit by f(x), notched up over 100 million views on YouTube. The high hit count was part of a project by fanbase MeU who streamed the MV enmasse as a thanks to the girls for their continued hard work. Amber was so thrilled she tweeted about it.

Objective: Learn some interesting vocab from the song

First up, listen to Sulli’s first line at 0:17 in the MV:
충 충 충분해 네 사랑이 과분해 chung chung chungbunhae ne sarangi gwabunhae
love = 사랑이 sarangi
to be too much = 과분하다 gwabunada it has been modified here to 과분해 gwabunhey
So, Sulli’s saying ‘Your love is too much for me/beyond my expectation.’ Kdrama fans have likely heard this before, as characters often protest ‘s/he’s too good for me.’
걔는 나한테 과분해 gyaenun nahante gwabunae

Second, listen out for Sulli and Amber’s lines at 1:25 in the MV. There’s some useful medical vocabulary in here!
의사 선생님 (Yeah) 이건 뭔가요? (Haha) uisa seonsaengnim (Yeah) igeon mwongayo? (Haha)
숨이 가쁘고 (Yeah) 열이 나요 (Oh) sumi gappeugo (Yeah) yeori nayo (Oh)
말문이 막혀 (Yeah) 귓가는 딩동딩동 malmuni makhyeo (Yeah) gwitganeun dingdongdingdong
눈이 막 부셔 (A-Ha) 머릿속은 빙그르르르르 nuni mak busyeo (A-Ha) meorissogeun binggeureureureureu

doctor = 의사 선생님 = uisa seonsaengnim
I’m out of breath = 숨이 가쁘고 = sumi gappeugo
I have a fever = 열이 나요 = yeori nayo
I can’t speak = 말문이 막혀 = malmuni makhyeo
My eyes are blind = 눈이 막 부셔 = nuni mak busyeo
My head is spinning = 머릿속은 빙그르 = meorissogeun binggeureu


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