Here we are again, as the end of the year is approaching and the festive season is already underway! There’s been plenty of good releases over the course of the twelve month period, for this SOTW special, we’ll be looking at our top 10 songs which consist of some we’ve reviewed and others we didn’t get to cover this year!

10. Seventeen – Very Nice

“Just the two of us, forever
Let’s not believe that
First love never comes true”.

To start off the list, this is the first time we’re looking at one of Seventeen’s songs for SOTW. The boy group has been gaining more popularity since their debut last year. This has an infectious beat coupled with a cute concept and the lyrics being based around the experiences of having a ‘first love’, it’s a pretty innocent view of relationships.

9. Mamamoo – 1cm (Taller than You)

“I’m taller than you
You’re 160, I’m 161
Mamamoo Mamamoo Mamamoo
We’re just 1cm apart”.

For this next track, it was revealed that the inspiration for the song came from the hip-hop show ‘Unpretty Rapstar’. Though, if you listened to the discography of Mamamoo, this song might seem out of place. However, the girl group manage make it work to their own style as they pick on each other based on their height. The music video adds an extra comedic effect!

8. Zico – I Am You, You Are Me 

“Stop looking at the mirror there’s nothing that needs fixing
You are the prettiest when you don’t have makeup on”.

With the Block B leader’s soloist activities this year, this song was a pleasant surprise. It reveals a softer side in contrast to the ‘gang member’ concepts that Block B often sticks to. The melody of the song is easy on the ears with its equally sweet lyrics. With the music video, the production of the concept was cleverly done as all the scenes we see both Zico and the girl wearing identical clothing to highlight the title of the song.

7. WINNER – Sentimental 

“I just wanna be a star floating in the sky
Then even if I don’t do anything
I’d shine a light by myself
Like the darkened night, my heart is dark too
I’m lonely, this is dangerous”.

This is a throwback to the start of the year, though it can definitely be said that it’s been a whirlwind for this group. While I have to say I do prefer their debut songs more, their comeback music was also enjoyable to listen to! We see a different concept from the YG group with an interesting music video for this track, though with the news of an upcoming comeback for this group, we’re curious over the kind of concept that they’ll try next.

6. D.O & Yoo Young Jin – Tell Me What Is Love 

“I hate myself for living on after losing you
But I hope that some day
Oh, tell me, what is love?
Tell me, what is love?”

The very first time I heard EXO’s D.O sing this was during a MAMA performance then this year, a studio version which featured singer-songwriter Yoo Young Jin was released for SM Station. The track has beautifully angelic vocals from both artists, it’s definitely a soothing song to listen to and one we would recommend!

5. Wonder Girls – Why so Lonely

“When my lips touched yours
I thought everything would change
But nothing’s special, you’re nothing different”.

The next girl group featured is JYP’s Wonder Girls with their comeback song this year ‘Why So Lonely’. With their rebooted return as a 4 member group to K-pop last year, they really pull off the retro style and band concept for their music video from their last concept for this song as they came back with a reggae sound.

4. Lee Hi – Breathe

“When someone sighs
How can I understand such deep breaths
Your sigh
Even though I won’t be able to understand its depth, that’s okay
I will embrace you
Thank you so much for your hard work”.

After an extensive wait of three years, the soloist finally returned with the title track ‘Breathe’. There’s also a different translation of the title which is ‘sigh’, the kind of tired exhale of breath. The meaning of the song recognises that everyday, people can struggle through but Lee Hi tries to encourage her listeners to keep on going. It’s that kind of calming song that lifts your spirits when you have a bad day.

3. Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck – Ain’t No Party Like An AOMG Party

“Move out the way
AOMG is here
It’s the rumored party
There’s nothing really to eat
But there’s a lot to drink.”

Up next is another collaboration between Jay Park and fellow AOMG artist Ugly Duck, like almost a continuation of ‘Mommae’. There’s been plenty of releases this year from the soloist, with ‘Ain’t No Party Like An AOMG Party’ being one of them. It’s a no-nonsense party song that overflowing with an unapologetic kind of confidence. Especially during the chorus, it’s that kind of song you just turn up the volume and enjoy.

2. BLACKPINK – Whistle

“Don’t say anything
Just whistle to my heart
That sound makes
my heart flutter boom, boom”.

The rookie girl group from YG was finally debuted this year with their double title songs ‘Boombayah’ and ‘Whistle’. Both of which made a lasting impression, particularly on an international basis. The instrumental with the whistling really adds to the likeability of the song. Although we got to hear their vocals from their most recent comeback songs in November, we see their roles as singers and rappers. The overall vibe is easily associated with their label, though they’re definitely a group to look out for with their potential.


“Hey, burn it up Like you’re gonna set everything on fire
Hey, turn it up Until the dawn is gone
Just live because we’re young”.

And finally, we finish off with BTS’s first comeback song of 2016. The boy group has been gradually increasing in popularity and this year, we can certainly see why. This song is hyped from beginning to the end, even with their live performances like in the MMA, they really delivered a good performance. We can only wonder the kind of music that they will release next year.

What songs stood out to you this year?


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