With rumours of a Twice comeback on it’s way, lets look back to their most recent release and see what we can pick up!

Goal: To understand the different meanings of ‘heart’ used in the chorus.

“TT” is a Korean texting emoticon (ㅜㅜ) to show tears or crying. With this in mind, lets decode the second line in the chorus!

어쩌면 내 맘인데 왜 내 맘대로 할수 없는 건데
eojjeomyeon nae maminde wae nae mam daero halsu eobneun geonde

어쩌면 (eojjeomyeon) on it’s own means ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’, but in this context it is used to put emphasis which gives it a meaning of ‘how is it that…’.

내 맘인데 (nae maminde) – It’s my heart so…
왜 (wae) – Why
내 맘대로 할수 없는 건데 (nae mam daero halsu eobneun geonde) – But I can’t do my heart
맘대로 하다 (mamdaero hada) – to do what you want.

Already this sentence looks a little weird in English. In Korean, this usage of ‘heart’ is our way of saying ‘it’s my life, I’ll do what I want with it’. In Korean, they say ‘it’s my heart, so I’ll do what I want (I’ll do my heart)’ as it stems from the saying ‘follow your heart’.

So in plain English, Twice are saying
‘It’s my life/I’m free to make my own choices, so how is it that I can do what I want?’

So in second part of the chorus, we see the word for ‘heart’ again.
이런 내 맘 모르고
ireon nae mam moreugo
너무해 너무해
neomu hae neomu hae

이런 (ireon) – Like this
내 맘 (nae mam) – My heart
모르고 (moreugo) – Don’t know

너무해 (neomuhae) – Mean

Again, the usage of ‘heart’ isn’t literal. This time, Twice are referring to their feelings, so although this line literally translates you ‘you don’t know my heart like this, you’re so mean’ It actually means ‘you don’t know how I feel, you’re so mean’

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