Girls’ Generation maknae Seohyun made her solo debut this week with Don’t Say No.

It’s been ten years since Seohyun debuted with Girls’ Generation, giving her a decade of experience in singing, dancing and promo activities before striking out on her own at last.

25-year-old Seo Juhyun got an early start in life as an idol, as she was discovered by a talent scout on a subway train when she was around 10 years old. Along with her success as a member of Girls Generation, and trio subunit TaeTiSeo, she’s performed major roles in Korean musicals such as Sophie in Mamma Mia and Scarlett O’Hara in a French take on Gone with the Wind.

Of course, this month she’ll be busy promoting her solo album. Lyrics for seven of the six tracks were written by her. Next month, she’ll be holding her own solo concerts in Seoul. Titled Love, Still – Seohyun the concert teaser promises the audience will feel like they’re watching a romantic movie.

She’s also starring a new web drama, Ruby Ruby Love, where she plays a jewellery designer suffering from social anxiety disorder.

Bonus: Want long glossy locks like Seohyun? Along with fellow GG member Yuri, she’s recently been a brand ambassador for Pantene in Korea, and released this brand collaboration MV last year.


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