Down in the southwestern corner of Korea is Jindo island, and one of Korea’s most interesting natural phenomenons happens there for just three days this month. Seasonal high and low sea tides make the sea appear to ‘part’ once a day and create a pathway from Jindo to a neighbouring island, Modo. The miracle sea road, as it’s known, is 2.8 kilometres long and 40-60 meters wide. It lasts for around one hour, and tourists are able to walk along it and enjoy the view.

Around half a million tourists come to see the natural phenomenon, so a local festival is held to educate people about Jindo’s traditions and entertain them too. Festival events include boat trips, local food and drink tastings, a Jindo dog show, and night musical performances. A statue of an old woman praying next to a tiger marks the pathway spot; this is Grandma Ppong, a legendary Jindo woman who was separated from her family by tigers, and prayed to be reunited with her family on Modo, thus summoning the pathway. Read more about the legend here.

This year the festival is from April 26 to April 29 and it’s free. Jindo is accessible by bus from Seoul. Check out the details here.


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