The K-HipHop scene has constantly been expanding, and what’s more, one of the most popular K-HipHop labels, AOMG (headed by Jay Park and Simon D) brought in their very first female artist, Hoody! She joined AOMG in 2015, and is best known for featuring in various AOMG tracks, particularly in many Jay Park tracks such as All I Wanna Do (Korean ver.)Me Like Yuh (Korean Ver.) and Solo.

Hoody, the singer-songwriter, first debuted back in 2013, releasing her first single ‘My Ride‘.

The R’n’B, Hip-Hop artist, released her first extended play last December called “On and On“. The album was largely produced by GRAY (another member of the AOMG crew) as well as productions from PEEJAY, Cha Cha Malone as well as Hoody herself.

Her album conveys such a variety; some of her tracks can be described as “chill” tunes, whilst others as upbeat and light-hearted tracks – however this isn’t what she has limited herself to. Many of the AOMG artists also feature in her tracks, including Jay Park, ELO and Dok2. Her voice can be described as light and sweet – somewhat heavenly? Unfortunately due to her lack of promotions, not many people know of her individual tracks, and know her best for her features. However, this album definitely brought to light her vocal abilities, allowing her to present her vocals in a range of different genres. It is an album which will unlikely make you want to skip through. If you are feeling some chill-out vibes, then you definitely need to check out this album!

Moving onto her music videos, her most recent music video releases are songs featured on her extended play album “On and On“. Her song, ‘Your Eyes featuring Jay Park, talks about a relationship in which a guy has changed himself as he meets the girl he loves. It showcases all the different things they do together, with her eyes being the most significant feature to him. The MV portrays the couple through different relationship scenarios. It’s a very cute music video, capturing all the moments of a sweet and loving relationship. The MV features, male model, Jeon Chajoon along with Vivian Cha (best known as the girlfriend of YG Producer’s KUSH, as well as Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s cousin).

Her second most recent music video, is another track from her ‘On and On‘ extended play album. The song is called ‘By Your Side‘ featuring Jinbo. The song is an upbeat track, which describes the feeling of having each other’s presence and having a care-free attitude. Yet, in comparison to the lyrics, the actual music video was very different to what was expected. There are sections of the MV which convey the happiness of the song, yet the care-free attitude which is stated in the lyrics, takes quite a turn in the MV. For this MV unlike many of the other MVs listed in this post, Hoody is featured in the video!

Don’t forget to check out Hoody’s extended play, ‘On and On‘, and her Instagram here! She has also recently released her latest soundcloud track this month called ‘Missing You (I Feel For You)‘ which she produced herself.



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