Super Junior’s Kyuhyun released a solo song earlier this week, his last before he begins his mandatory military service tomorrow (25 May).He’s the last SuJu member to enlist.

The appropriately-titled Goodbye for Now is a gentle ballad that should soothe fans’ hearts just a little as he leaves the limelight for Nonsan Korea Army Training Center. He’ll be completing most of his service time as a social worker, a role most suited for his physical condition following injuries sustained from a car accident with other Super Junior members in 2007.

Kyuhyun first debuted in May 2006 with Super Junior, and has been in two of its subunits, the ballad group Super Junior K.R.Y and the mandopop group Super Junior M. He also took part in a label subunit known as SM The Ballard.

A strong ballad singer, he’s been recording his own solo songs since 2009, and was the first official soloist of SuJu with his album At Gwanghwamun.

From 2011, he has been the host of a weekly talk show, Radio Star. He’s also well known for taking lead parts in many musical roles. Last year he took a break from both as he underwent surgery for vocal nodules, and thankfully the surgery was successful. Unsurprisingly, his sweet tones have made him a popular guest of music shows such as Immortal Songs and King of Masked Singer. There’s no doubt ELFs will be eager for his return in 2019.

Bonus: See him tackle Weekly Idol’s random play dance!


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