It’s been an emotionally turbulent time as of late, following T.O.P’s admittance to Mokdong Hospital with much speculation made over the course of events and confusion over what had really transpired. And with GD’s solo comeback, it was confirmed that his music would still be released however at the last minute, his title track was changed to ‘Untitled, 2014’, which we will be reviewing today.

It may not have been the comeback song fans had been anticipating, but given the current events, it seemed all the more appropriate. It takes a slow pace, it’s simplistic with the use of the piano to accompany his vocals. It’s a side that may be overseen by his mainstream persona, someone who is deeply admired by those in the industry by his performances with an air of confidence earned by experience.

However, this is very much stripped back, allowing a small glimpse into the vulnerable, raw version that we may not always see in him. The lyrics paints his anguish, his torn emotions. He doesn’t want to let go fully, he expressed the desire that he wanted the other to be happy, that perhaps one day they’ll meet again.

Like with the music, while the M/V may be simple in nature, it helps to project the pain felt in the lyrics. GD is standing below a screen of clouds at the start, possibly when times were still good. He stands alone which could indicate the loneliness he may feel, the burden he places upon himself to be strong for himself and others. The clouds get darker as the music video runs before light returns, while there may be periods of darkness in his life, they never last forever.

Then a red hue passes over, it could suggest a sign of prolonged anger but gradually melts back into the calming blue sky as he slowly turns his back on the camera. It seems that there may be several examples of symbolism in the M/V, the subtle storytelling of his emotions at different intervals, silently enduring it to try to appear to be strong. However, the ending may entail the end of a chapter in his life, hoping that in another life, he may be fortunate to meet the other again.


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