Forget food and selcas, what Koreans these days seem to want to share pics of is their latest slime toy. Here’s IU squishing some. And some more.

These colourful blobs of goo, the next generation of silly putty or play-doh, have risen in popularity worldwide over last six months through social sites like Instagram and YouTube. Slime has been a huge craze for kids and adults alike in Korea this year, where they’re known as ‘liquid monsters.’

The slime can be bought in a variety of colours, and some have squishy shapes like fruit and stars you can put in too. Idols like IU and Somi have not been immune to the tactile and squishy charms of slime, uploading videos to Instagram of them playing with their newest finds and creations.

A small tub of arty slime costs about 700KRW from companies like Slime Korea. But you can also make your own!

Chupop is one of the most popular Korean YouTubers for slime stuff.

For even more inspiration, try searching the slime hashtag on Instagram, where some 3 million pics and vids have been tagged. Click here for the Korean tag – #슬라임


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