As October begins, surprisingly we haven’t had many releases, but that doesn’t mean that this week’s releases aren’t some great hits! Check out below for this week’s upcoming releases!

Seventeen (SVT Hip Hop Team) – Trauma

Release: You may have recently heard from the SVT Leaders unit, which released their MV for ‘Change Up‘, however the SVT Hip Hop Team have preceded the release with their MV ‘Trauma’. The song expresses each of the members raw emotions, with each individual verse making it unique to each person. Each setting for the MV relates to a members’ ‘trauma’ demonstrated through a strong flow. The video is the second video for the series, created in preparation for Seventeen’s upcoming comeback in November. The song is quite a bop – If you particularly liked this release, Sik-K’s music provides a similar music style to SVT’s ‘Trauma’. Released on the 2nd of October.

Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) – Hug Me 

Release: Kyujong returns for the release of his second single album ‘Play in Nature Part. 2 Forest’ along with the release of his title track ‘Hug Me’. The song is simplistic, calming melody which speaks of Kyujong’s emotions. The ballad is endearing, as the MV demonstrates each person’s struggles, with the string tying them together with their feelings. From employment issues, to money issues to bullying, the hardships each person face is shown to be difficult alone which I presume is where the phrase ‘hug me’ is relevant. The fact that each person has to face their struggles alone shows that they do not have anyone to support them, though they wish they did. Released on the 2nd of October.

Stray Kids – Hellavator

Release: Stray Kids are a new boy group under JYP Entertainment. Before the release of the survival programme ‘Stray Kids‘ on the 17th of October, the group released a MV. The MV exemplifies each of the members’ individual skill, from a hard-hitting choreography, to powerful rap verses along with some amazing vocals. The group who will compete in the survival show, aim to succeed in debuting as 9, but will JYP believe that all 9 members are talented enough to debut? Released on the 6th of October.

LAY (EXO) – Sheep 

Release: Lay who has returned with his second solo album “LAY 02 SHEEP” has released his new title track ‘Sheep’. The track which seems to made on the basis of his Chinese zodiac, the sheep is a hip-hop style track which focuses predominately on rap. Lay who is best known for his dance skills showcases his strong abilities throughout the MV. The MV also uses a lot of English in contrast to his other songs, which will definitely be beneficial to the international fans! On the other hand, his other MV release ‘I Need You‘ focuses more on vocals as well as a classy theme, set in France. ‘I Need You’ is also featured on his new solo album. Released on the 7th of October.


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