Today’s Friday Food is another persimmon recipe! We’re in the beautiful middle of Autumn and persimmons are the go-to fruit of the season. Today’s food is the super simple treat Gotgamssam (곶감쌈) which is only two ingredients: walnuts wrapped in dried persimmons! If you don’t have access to persimmons in your area, apparently a great substitute is apricots. Like most Korean “dessert” items, they’re primarily fruit which makes them healthy and tasty. They’re a wonderful snack served with tea, and they also make an adorable gift for the holidays!

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Not much can be found about the history of Gotgamssam, but they’re a traditional Korean food, which means they’re steeped in deep cultural significance, written or not. If you want to make your own history with Gotgamssam, here’s an awesome recipe from Maangchi:

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