The wait is finally over, Inspirits! INFINITE are back this week with their third album Top Seed and their first new Korean release in over a year, Tell Me.

Tell Me is also the first release by the boys since the departure of Hoya in 2016. The remaining six members – Kim Sunggyu (leader) Nam Woohyun, Jang Dongwoo, Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo and Lee Sungjong – held fanmeetings in both Japan and Korea at the end of 2016 titled ‘Begin Again’ to signal their new start as a six-man group.

Since INFINITE’s debut with Woollim Entertainment in June 2006 with To-Ra-Wa, they’ve had a reputation in Korea for a catchy pop-synth sound, sharp synchronised dance and the lyrics of an ‘obsessive-dol’ – so they’re always obsessively chasing after that elusive perfect someone. Tell Me checks all those signature boxes, making it a pleasingly familiar start to a new era for INFINITE and Inspirit.

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Be Mine

Bonus: From yesterday’s MBC Weekly Idol – can they still dance their own choreo to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang?


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