Introducing yourself is surely a important part of any language!

In this segment of Korean Corner, we will be covering how to ask for people’s names, how to offer your own name, and how to finish your greeting!

이름이 뭐야 요? [E-room-E-Moh-yeh-yoh] This is a particularly standard way of asking someone for their name, and can be used when someone is not older than you. The 뭐  [Moh] is the word for ‘What’, while 이름[E-room] is “name”. In fact, you may have heard the phrase in 4Minute’s song “What’s Your Name?”. Can you spot it?

The response to this question is 저는 NAME 임니다 [Joe-nun NAME im-nee-dah], which translates to I am NAME. Note that you should fill out the word ‘Name’ with your actual name. 저는 [Joe-nun] is the word for ‘I’, while 임니다 [im-nee-dah] is the term used for the verb ‘to be’. The word 저는[joe-nun] can be omitted too, if it’s obvious that you’re talking about yourself. How convenient! The phrase is often used in introductions – you can hear it several times in the following clip:

The final segment of today’s Korean Corner article covers a term that can be associated with the English phrase ‘pleased to meet you’. It is the perfect way of concluding your introduction, and can be used in order to indicate that you’re done speaking. This is 만나서반갑습니다.[man-na-soh pang-gap-sum-ni-dah].

Next month, we will be explaining how to talk about your job!



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