As we moved through from a dreary January into February, we were treated to some more K-Pop releases. Let’s check out a small selection!

Red Velvet – ‘Bad Boy’ MV
Released: 29/01/2018

Red Velvet are back with their unique brand of electro-pop. This song gives a real 90s vibe in both its sound and the girls’ fashion within the MV. As to be expected from SM, it is a high quality track that manages to walk the line between keeping a classic K-Pop flare while still keeping it fresh and slightly unusual.

DEAN – ‘instagram’ MV
Released: 29/02/2018

DEAN comes to us with a very deep song about our ‘screen culture’ and the addiction we as developed societies seem to have to social media. Poignant lines such as: “These days, knowing more makes you more miserable” and “I’m sinking right now inside a square ocean” makes his sentiment hard to ignore. However, what will probably keep you coming back to this song more is simply its beautiful sound and DEAN’s wonderful voice.

LOONA (Feat. Go Won) – ‘One&Only’ MV
Released: 29/01/2018

It seems difficult to get away from the sickly sweet innocence concepts that are fairly popular among South Korean girl groups these days. In this MV though, LOONA give a slightly darker twist to the style with this strange MV. The song is cute, but the addition of rap verses also gives it something different.

Yoon Mi Rae – ‘D-118 (No Gravity)’ Audio Video
Released: 02/02/2018

Yoon Mi Rae is often dubbed a Queen of MC in Korea by fans, and it’s not hard to see why. Mi Rae has a power and confidence to her voice and rap flow that lifts her up above many others in her field. This atmospheric track gives all that you would expect from Mi Rae, so it is definitely not one to miss for hip hop fans.

Henry – ‘Monster’ MV (English Version)
Released: 02/02/2018

Okay, so this is an English version, but of course, Henry Lau is a member of Super Junior and an established K-Pop star in his own right. There are also Chinese and Korean versions of the song too, which means that you can try them all and choose your favourite – (personally, I prefer the Korean version). You cannot deny that Henry is a very talented man, and this track has a Charlie Puth sound, so check it out if you are a fan of his too.

BLACK6IX – ‘Alone’ MV
Released: 03/02/2018

Male group BLACK6SIX have released a real chill out jam this week, it is going to be a sure-fire addition to many a study playlist. BLACK6IX seem like a fairly underrated group thus far, so give them a listen if you haven’t already and see what you think!


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