Love pretty flowers and fresh seafood? Korea has an event that combines the two: Seocheon Camellia Octopus Festival.

Seocheon is a small scenic town on the west coast of Korea, in Chungcheongnam-do Province. The area is well known for fresh seafood, and many of its annual festivals centre around seasonal fish. This month, baby octopus are in season.

At the festival you can board a fishing boat and catch your own baby octopus, or there are plenty of food stalls around if you just want to try local dishes made with them. There’s an octopus cooking contest, games and other entertainment.

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After your octopus, take a stroll among the local blooming Camellia trees. Seocheon has a host of scenic spots, making it a great getaway from a typical Seoul holiday. The festival is on from now until April 1st, and you can reach Seocheon by bus from Seoul. See the KTO website for more info on the event.


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