As we say farewell to March, we look at the last week of releases of the month as April rolls around with promising comebacks! For this week, we’ve got a mixture of favourites, perhaps a couple of underrated artists and finally the return of none other than the powerful pair from TVXQ!


Release: Resident bad boys return with their 6th Mini Album ‘The Connect: Dejavu’ on March 26.

Stray Kids

Release: Rookie group from JYP with their debut album ‘I am Not‘ on March 26.


Release: Veteran duo hailing from SM made their anticipated comeback on March 28 with 8th album ‘New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love‘.

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Release: The fresh faced rookie soloist returned with his 2nd EP ‘One‘ on March 28.


Release: Making his solo debut on March 28, the former Infinite member dropped his first mini album ‘Shower‘.


Release: The R&B soloist returned on March 28 with his 3rd album ‘Sound Doctrine’.

Olivia Hye 

Release: The LOONA project ends with Olivia Hye’s single album being the 12th installment prior to the girl group’s debut.


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